Digital project: Mapping lost lesbian bars, 2006-2016

I just finished the first draft of a map of all lesbian bars in the U.S. and Canada that closed from 2006 until now. It may not be the most depressing map of the 21st century, but it is seriously sobering:

The  Map depicts 93 100 addresses (as of 9/27/2016) that no longer are lesbian bars, comprising more than 100 discrete businesses. When a bar moved, the original address is not mapped. In other words, I’m interested in the absolute number of bars that have disappeared, and took care not to double count businesses that changed names, owners, or location. The map does not mark businesses that have a lesbian night or that are significantly mixed–this is a map of public drinking spots that were primarily patronized by lesbians, at least at one point in time before they closed.

It is inevitable that there are errors in this kind of enterprise – please send me corrections and queries to greggor.mattson @ or @greggormattson on Twitter.

And importantly: this map draws heavily upon the amazing and important work of the anonymous author of .  I would love to credit you for your work – please get in touch, even anonymously. And thanks also to all the people who wrote in to offer corrections, affirmations, or queries. I really appreciate the time you took to look up the places that once were yours.

Eventually I will merge this with a map of currently-open lesbian bars, which I’ll launch as a crowdsourcing effort.

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