I have been teaching courses in sexuality, cities, and social control since 2003, and I’m currently an Associate Editor of Teaching Sociology, where I’ve published research on pedagogy. Current courses I’ve taught for the Department of Sociology and the Program in Gender Sexuality & Feminist Studies are:

  • SOCI 050: Cleveland Immersion Program
  • SOCI 112: Intro—You’re Not the Boss of You
  • SOCI/GSFS 203: Sociology of Sexuality
  • SOCI 241: American Urbanism
  • SOCI 275: Enacting the Law
  • SOCI 303: Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory
  • GSFS 305: Feminist Research Methodologies
  • SOCI/GSFS 338: Prostitution and Social Control
  • SOCI/GSFS 386: Nightlife—Place, Identity and Feeling Alive
  • SOCI 387: Serving the Public: Restaurants, Cafés, & Bars
  • SOCI 426: Alcohol and Culture
  • SOCI 499: Advanced Research Methods

Recent teaching updates:

Teaching with Disco Déjeuner

To support my nightlife class during the COVID-19 pandemic, Assistant Professor of Dance Al Evangelista and I hosted a midday speaker series Disco Déjeuner: Lunchtime Conversations on the Future of Nightlife. Speakers included multi-hyphenate artists, activists, academics, and entrepreneurs discussing the way…

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Article: Responding to Wobbly Classrooms through Scaffolded, Peer-Led, Small-Group Presentations of Personal Learning Goals: The Beyond the Book Tool

This article in Teaching Sociology discusses a pedagogical technique I developed while teaching my SOCI/GSFS 203: Sociology of Sexuality. Teaching topics that implicate student identities, traumas, and/or activism is challenging because students often come with very personal attachments to curricular and extracurricular…

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