Gay bar book interviews 2018

(updated July 30th)

This summer, my research assistant Jack Spector Bishop and I are completing the interviews for my book on gay bars. I just completed a road trip through New England, bringing my total to 106 interviewees in 33 states. If you or someone you love owns or manages a gay bar in WA, CA, Reno or Philadelphia, I’d love to sit down with you for 45 minutes.

No one has ever sat down with gay bar professionals to ask about changes to the industry over the last 20 years, and nobody knows local economic conditions like small business owners. I’m particularly interested in how patronage has changed, what new opportunities have arisen, and what are your challenges in the current business climate.

If you’re interested what kinds of things I write, I’ve mapped the closure of lesbian bars and written a few journalistic pieces; including one about Pulse and another about my favorite gay bar in Cleveland that closed.




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