Who Needs Gay Bars? Summer 2017 Tour

By my count, about 33% of gay bars outside big cities have closed in the last 20 years, but only 15% of those in cities with gayborhoods. Common explanations for this are social acceptance, gentrification, and social networking apps. Yet bars are closing fastest in Middle America where gentrification is a pipe dream, social acceptance elusive, and apps are least useful. Even in cities, the bars hit hardest are those for lesbians, people of color, and leatherfolk.

To learn more, I’m hitting the road to visit these bars that are outposts for LGBTQ people. If you’re the owner, manager, employee, or regular along my route, I’d love to speak with you. I’m also interested in bars that closed that left a region without any gay bars at all, or bars that function as gay bars in regions without a full-time establishment. Contact me at gmattson [at] oberlin [dot] edu or (779)-GAY-BARS. Yes, that’s (779)-429-2277. Operators are standing by

You can follow along on this blog, @whoneedsgaybars on Twitter.

6/3  Pride in the CLE
Boonsboro, MD
6/9  Equality and Unity March on Washington
Greensboro NC
Spartanburg SC
Johnson City TN
Athens GA
Macon GA
Dothan AL
Tuscaloosa AL
Jackson MS
Monroe LA
Shreveport LA
Gun BArrel City TX
Denton TX
Dewnsion TX
McAlester OK
7/4  Fort Smith AK
Fayetteville AK
Joplin MO
Cape Girardeau MO
Carbondale IL
Evansville IN
Eugene OR
Pasco WA

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