Back home, for now


A short tally of what we accomplished so far this summer on the Who Needs Gay Bars Summer Tour:

  • 5500 miles driven
  • 53 gay bars visited, including:
    • 31 formal interviews with bar owners or managers, 21 of whom ran outpost bars more than an hour from the next gay bar
    • 17 ethnographic visits without formal interviews to bars listed in Damron
    • 5 closed bars visited anyways
  • 25 pounds of dog food accidentally left behind
  • 20 states visited, including the District of Columbia
  • 7 drag shows seen
  • 6 bars that never responded
  • 5 distinct kinds of barbecue eaten
  • 4 friends visited on the road
  • 3 strings of Mardi Gras beads worn by Blanche
  • 2 pieces of durable swag received (an Absolut vodka hat, a red-white-blue lei)
  • 1 bar that stood me up, but 1 fantastic research assistant, equaling
  • 0 major problems

The tour resumes in the Pacific Northwest at the end of July.


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