“Weaponization”: The Metaphor That Rejects Politics

N.B.: This post is now a draft article under review by a journal available here. The scandal about Cambridge Analytica’s theft of Facebook data for political marketing is often described as the “weaponization of social media.” On March 25, 2018, Meet the Press‘ Chuck Todd asked Senator Mark Warner if Steve Bannon’s company was designed … More “Weaponization”: The Metaphor That Rejects Politics

The Closet Queen’s Guide to Cleveland for the 2016 RNC

  AIDS Taskforce Our center welcomes everyone whether they have HIV or not Ambiance Our home-grown erotic boutique has a wide range of condoms, restraints, and women’s lingerie at several suburban shops b.a. Sweetie Sugar babies and chocolate galore at the nation’s largest candy store Blow Hair & Nail Spa Sit back and relax and … More The Closet Queen’s Guide to Cleveland for the 2016 RNC

Gay bars and danger

This piece was picked up by The Daily Beast, thanks to Melissa Petro of Becoming Writers and including suggestions from TDB editors and several friends. Read it here, or contact me for the archived version. Save Save Save

How do Black Finns celebrate hockey victories?

By screaming, stripping in -10°F, and sauna, of course: the same as everyone else: From Dosdela‘s Instagram. On January 6th, Finland’s Young Lions won the 2016 World Juniors Hockey championship over Russia in overtime before a home audience. The title comes on the heels of the National Ringette Team winning its world championship the day … More How do Black Finns celebrate hockey victories?

Against moral panic (for cultural politics)

Pundits, sociologists, and activists frequently use the term “moral panic” to describe what they perceive as a public overreaction to an issue (or non-issue). Examples include “Prostitution and Human Trafficking – The Anatomy of a Moral Panic,” “What’s Flakka and is it Real? A Guide to the New Moral Panic Drugs,” From Miasma to Ebola: … More Against moral panic (for cultural politics)

How prostitution presaged the failure of Europe

Is the European Project Falling Apart? asks one of several headlines as the European refugee crisis moves into chronic mode. Where the Greek debt crisis exposed the problems of the Eurozone currency union, the refugee crisis shows how strikingly different even the core European countries treat refugees and asylum seekers. Even before the disastrous failure … More How prostitution presaged the failure of Europe

The Traffic in Deer

Deer trafficking: another example of the spread of what I call trafficking talk, or the traffic in trafficking. Recent headlines include Two Florida Men Sentenced for Trafficking in Deer or Deer-Trafficking Scheme Nets Record $1.6 Million Fine Up until around 2010, news outlets usually called such crimes “smuggling,””poaching,” “illegal sales” or “illegal transport” (the earliest … More The Traffic in Deer