Interview: Chicago LGBTQ+ and gay bars declining in number, study shows

me, a bespectacled, bearded white man in a grey shirt speaking in front of very crowded bookshelves

CHICAGO (WLS) — The number of LBGTQ+ and gay bars in Chicago and nationwide is declining, data shows. Experts say that could mean fewer spaces for some of the community, especially those with diverse backgrounds.

“We have had the experience of going into bars in you know, in our community, and not necessarily feeling welcome,” said Angela Barne.

Barnes and Renauda Riddle opened Nobody’s Darling in Andersonville in 2020. Nobody’s Darling is a black, queer, and women owned and “women forward” bar.

“People are so excited that we own this bar because they can see themselves in us folks, queer women of color,” Riddle said.


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