Tracking Wang and Kosinski’s AI Gayface Controversy

(Posted Sept. 13, updated Sept 16). This post tracked early responses to to Wang and Kosinski’s preprint paper that claimed their deep neural network’s ability to identify gay faces was evidence of the prenatal hormone theory of homosexuality, and exposed heretofore unknown threats to LGBTQ people in authoritarian regimes. My Sept. 9 blog post critiquing … More Tracking Wang and Kosinski’s AI Gayface Controversy

Artificial Intelligence Discovers Gayface. Sigh.

AI Can’t Tell if You’re Gay… But it Can Tell if You’re a Walking Stereotype. [First published September 9th. This post has been updated with subsequent information, denoted by square brackets, cited on this resource of responses to the story by tweeters, bloggers, media, and Kosinski himself. My reflection on peer review, ethics, and LGBTQ … More Artificial Intelligence Discovers Gayface. Sigh.

The Gender Gap in Reported Homosexuality

An article of mine in the International Journal Advances in Social Science and Humanities 2(10) 20-26. Men consistently report higher rates of homosexual behavior and identity than women in national population surveys of sexuality, a gender gap that has received little attention. Though women express similar levels of same-sex desire, they are far less likely … More The Gender Gap in Reported Homosexuality