Consulting/ speaking

I am a storyteller, data analyst, and subject matter expert available for speaking, advising, and consulting.

  • 2021-22 Consulted for UEG in support of Absolut’s Out & Open campaign to support LGBTQ+ bars and restaurants
  • Frequent speaker at public events, including at public libraries and civic forums, at colleges and universities, and at national conferences
  • 2021-24 Advise City Council and planning officials as a Public Utilities Commissioner and Zoning Board of Appeals Member for the City of Oberlin
  • Work with artists and visionaries on work ranging from murals to installations regarding metaphors and LGBTQ+ placemaking

For inquiries, contact: greggor.mattson [at]

Headshot of me, a white bearded man wearing a slight smile and a lavender button-down shirt learning on a white wall in a white room
Photo by Tanya Rosen-Jones

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