Gay Bars

I’m currently writing a book tentatively entitled Who Needs Gay Bars?

I’ve been writing about saloons and bars since 2007. Two of my recent popular pieces on gay bars were published in the Daily Beast, about the Pulse massacre in Orlando, and in Belt Magazine, about the loss of gay bars in Cleveland.

In scholarly publications, I’ve written about the physical and cultural changes in San Francisco’s gay bars. A piece in Urban Studies documented the changing fates of the city’s three bar districts (Polk Street, Soma, and the Castro) between 1999 and 2015. A pre-print draft of the paper is available here. ).

A piece in City, Culture and Society explored the role that gay bars play in fostering diverse LGBTQ subcultures, and their loss in San Francisco’s Polk District when it became a heterosexual nightlife district in the early 2010s (draft available here here).
Photo: Greggor Mattson 2013, Detroit Pride.
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